For Lehi homebuilder Brandon Jones of BLJ Construction, the Utah Valley Parade of Homes is a new experience. However, that did not stop him from blowing everyone away with the Lucca Modern estate on Traverse Mountain. 

The Lucca Modern home sports seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a whopping 15,405 finished square feet of luxury interior. The lot, 1205 W. Luca Circle, was bought for $280,000 with the finished price of the home sitting between $2.5-3 million. The landscaping alone at this estate cost $250,000, showcasing beautiful trees and hardscapes. 

The home was built for a local family that will move in as soon as the parade is finished. Aiming for a family-friendly luxury lifestyle, the estate features a pool, a basketball court, a theater room, an outdoor kitchen, an exercise room and 360-degree breathtaking views. The home is fully automated, featuring an intercom, video-com, security, and home lighting system all run digitally, according to the user’s preferences. 

Construction began on the Lucca Modern home in July 2019 and is now fully finished, with every last pillow and picture frame in place for the parade. Allison Campbell was the interior designer who chose each paint color, piece of furniture, lighting fixture and so much more, with input from the homebuyer. The entire home is filled with luxurious textiles and linens, and is even carpeted in a new and lavish sheep’s wool blend. 

There are many lots still available in this neighborhood. The lot below this parade home, also built by BLJ Construction, will be in the 2021 parade.  


  1. As a Lehi resident I am concerned by you showcasing BLJ in this years Utah Valley Parade of Homes. Did you speak with the HOA in a Traverse Mountain prior to writing this Article. My guess is No. if you had they would have helped you understand how many of his clients he has manipulated and skewed. Our experience with BLJ Construction has been miserable. His practices as a contractor are horrible. I know that the building of a home can be stressful and that it isn’t uncommon for a home buyer to be unhappy with the builder, however the quality of work and building experience you get when you build with BLJ construction is deplorable and criminal. I felt it was my responsibility to let you know the types of builders you are showcasing. If anyone who is attending the parade would like to walk through our home and speak with us about our experience and see the type of work you can expect from BLJ construction when your home is not showcased in the parade of homes; we are happy to make our home available.

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