The Utah County Commission was set to discuss and vote on an agenda item Wednesday, asking for a “compassionate exemption” to Gov. Gary Herbert’s K-12 mask mandate for Utah County schools. 

The mask-focused agenda item brought forth by Commissioner Bill Lee was controversial from the start, after Commissioner Tanner Ainge made a public statement against the agenda item and expressed frustration with Lee on Tuesday. 

Lee also held an “anti-mask” rally and spoke to supporters before the Commission meeting. 

The heated agenda item ultimately derailed Wednesday’s meeting after a packed room of citizens caused Ainge to suspend the meeting as the crowd reacted with shouting and boos. 

Ainge entered the max capacity chambers and made a brief statement before walking out of the meeting. 

“This is going to be brief; I think. This is the exact opposite of what we need to be doing. We are supposed to be physically distancing and wearing masks. This room is not complying with health guidelines and this creates a health concern. I’m going to suspend the rules and motion to continue this entire meeting at another date,” said Ainge.

Commissioner Nathan Ivie made a second to the motion. 

Lee then asked, “Can we have a discussion?” 

Ainge ignored Lee’s request and adjourned the meeting. 

A rescheduled date was not decided or announced at the conclusion of the meeting. 


  1. How Idiotic!!! Dr.”s and Scientist’s are wrong, but he is right? Is that what these people are saying?
    The people who are in the hospital with Covid related illness’s are faking? He has the right to endanger other people’s health because he thinks he shouldn’t be “inconvienced” to wear a mask or follow the Governor’s mandate? I suppose he also thinks that when he drives his car, he can drive at whatever speed he likes and without his seatbelt after drinking because that is his right. His god-given! constitution right. He can smash into buildings and other cars without concern for anyone but himself if he so choses because it is uncomfortable to wear and seatbelt and he doesn’t like to drive the speedlimit and give the right of way to other cars or pedestrians for that matter. He can do what ever he so chooses because this is American by Hell!!

    • Wendy Park, relax. Your comparisons aren’t even valid. Besides, the reality is that the mask debate has scientists, and doctors, on both sides. You need to look at the arguments objectively. Other countries have opened schools back up and not seen spikes. We aren’t going blind here; there is a lot of data. When this whole thing started, they said the mortality rate of Covid-19 was 4% or 5%. The CDC is now reporting it somewhere between 0.16% and 0.4% (it changes frequently). That is SIGNIFICANTLY less than 4% and 5%. It does put it in the realm of seasonal flu. Is it dangerous? Absolutely! But we need to keep things in perspective. The VAST majority of those dying are elderly with underlying conditions. Nearly 60% of fatalities are those who were already living in long term/hospice care centers. In Utah you are 4 times more likely to commit suicide, than to die from Covid-19. Furthermore, the case counts have been increasing because we test EVERYONE that goes into the hospital. Even if they are there for elective surgery. If they test positive, it’s counts as a hospitalization. If we were truly worried about our bed counts we would freeze elective surgeries again. We have had MONTHS to prepare for the spike in cases. All this proves is that Angela Dunn, and IHC, failed to prepare us. Let’s all calm down and stop being militant in expressing our view points. I’m genuinely worried sick people are going out with masks on; because all these pro mask people keep saying it stops the spread. If you’re sick, STAY HOME. A mask WILL NOT STOP YOU FROM SPREADING IT! Despite what the pro maskers keep saying.

        • Haha, I can’t, links get blocked. But, it only takes 30 seconds to do a quick google search. Why don’t you try “german study finds low infection rate”, or “german study coronavirus block”, or how about “when did schools open in europe”. Look at the dates on the articles! So sad. This is easily accessible data. Why aren’t you all reading this?!?

          • Mark Johnson, I get it. You feel frustrated and upset. I would love to post my sources. But I can’t. The website literally blocks my post. Also, as a side note. This information isn’t hard to find. We live in a world where data, and news, are literally at our finger tips. It’s amazing how easy it is to find the data we need. It is like no other time in the history of the world. The only place where you can’t find the information you need is China. Because they filter their news and only allow their citizens to see the information they deem necessary. Luckily, we can still use google and our results aren’t filtered…or are they? I’m totally kidding, I promise. That was sarcasm and a joke. Albeit a terrible one.

      • Wow, so much wrong with your post. In the US alone we are up to 140,000 deaths due to covid and we still have half the year left. By comparison the flu has killed 12,000-60,000 people a year since 2010. They are not the same. Covid is a lot worse. The US is the hardest hit country in the entire world because our leadership is so poor. You talk about other countries opening up schools but you didn’t name a single one. It’s disgusting how expendable you insinuate the elderly to be. 140,000 deaths since March and this number will continue to grow. Remember how the nation wept on 9/11 when 3,000 people died. Where is the outrage and willingness to do what must be done now?

        The reason you wear a mask in public is because you may have covid and not be aware of it. It will HELP to not spread the virus if everyone wears a mask. There are many studies that have been done that absolutely show that masks can help to contain the virus. There is no half and half divide from medical professionals and scientists. The divide is between medical professionals and the dumbass anti-maskers (that are pretty much all republicans, go figure, leave it to the GOP to politicize actions to help the public health) The current guidelines have said to STAY AT HOME for 2 weeks or more if you test positive. NOBODY HAS EVER SAID YOU SHOULD BE OUT IN PUBLIC IF YOU ARE POSITIVE FOR COVID WITH OR WITHOUT A MASK!

        Here’s an analogy that maybe even your smooth-brain can understand Dan. It comes in three parts.
        1) Let’s say you aren’t wearing any pants and then Bob comes up to you and he’s not wearing any pants. Bob stands in front of you and pees all over your legs. This sucks.
        2) Now let’s say you decide to put pants on. Bob comes up to you and he’s still not wearing any pants. Bob stands in front of you and pees all over your covered legs. This still sucks, maybe not as much, but still sucks a lot.
        3) Finally you have pants on. Bob comes over and he has pants on. Bob stands in front of you and pees. But this time Bob is just wetting his own pants and your pants are still nice and dry.

        You see wearing masks is very much like this scenario. The way they protect you best is when EVERYONE wears one. Please get your covid information from a reputable source, remember that all cable “news” outlets exist for ratings and profit above relaying proper news.

        • Haha, I love the pants analogy. Because of how absurd it is. Let’s be real. Masks aren’t pants. How about the masks with ports on them? It’s like having a hole cut in the crotch. The problem with the analogy is that we are constantly breathing…literally CONSTANTLY. What good are pants if you’re constantly peeing, and pooping? Because that would be an analogy that is equal. You are basically walking through a store leaving a trail of piss, and crap, all over the floor. That sounds sanitary doesn’t it? But let’s address a few more things. First, 2017 STILL saw more flu deaths than Covid-19. Utah saw 389 or so deaths from the Flu. But that’s just seasonal flu. Ever heard of the Hong Kong flu? Google it!! Or how about Spanish Flu. That was only what? 50,000,000 people world wide. But hey!!! Yeah, it isn’t as bad as a not bad flu season, THAT HAS A VACCINE!! This is a complete waste of time because you don’t want to think objectively. You have already made up your mind. You want to debate stats, let’s do it!

          • Also, if you can smell the urine, the pants didn’t do what they’re claimed to do – prevent urine from entering your body. You smelling it means there are urine particles evaporating with the water and entering your nose. Just like a virus will.

        • I love your comment…my smooth brain!! I’m seriously about to pee my pants (but it’s ok, because I have a mask on). But in all seriousness. You must be pro-life. How else can you rationalize forcing someone to wear a mask, under the false pretense of saving life? What happened to my body my choice? But setting that aside, what I find more disturbing is that a simple google search would yield many different studies, from both sides, of your concerns. For someone so bent on insulting my intelligence I find your lack of objective thought appalling. Going back to the masks, can you explain why the US Surgeon General would tweet for everyone to “stop buying masks”, because the “don’t work”. Or maybe you were unaware of this detail? Or maybe you are unaware that the WHO basically said Asymptomatic spread isn’t real. Then they changed it to pre-symptomatic spread. But if you are pre-symptomatic would you be coughing? Isn’t that a symptom? Let’s just go back to your pants analogy and the mask. One more thing for you to consider. When doctors are dealing with a highly contagious disease, do they put and mask on, and head in? Or do they suit up, and I literally mean suit up (completely enclosed suit with outside air supply). I think we both know the answer here. But again, this is a complete waste of time. You don’t seem to be willing, and probably haven’t even done, any research for yourself. You are just parroting talking points, and analogies from others. Sorry, but the pants analogy is just a terrible analogy. But it is good for creating a false sense of security. I would highly encourage you to spend some time on google searching terms like “mask studies flu”, or “do masks stop flu transmission”. Flu has been studied by scientists for years. You are far more likely to get solid research studies that way. Then, search for “masks oxygen levels” look for a study from 2008 and surgeons. That ones especially interesting because IHC’s epidemiologist said there is ZERO evidence, or studies, that show oxygen levels drop when wearing a mask. This study shows that not only do oxygen levels drop in as little as 15 minutes, but the heart rate slows as well. The sad thing is that I don’t advocate masks either way. I think if you are at risk, you should wear one. But that is a persons choice. Germany is forcing at risk people into glass boxes. They are dying alone. How is that quality of life? That isn’t the way I want to go out. But we seem to be more bent on forcing our opinions, ideas, and fears on everyone else. Rather than being objective and open to new information.

      • The flu kills 50,000 people in a year with no one wearing masks and doing social distancing. Covid has killed 135,000 people in just four months with people wearing masks. The flu will probably kill 15,000 people and covid will kill 300,000. So covid is 20x more deadly than the flu. 2000% more deadly than the seasonal flu.

        • Hong Kong flu killed 1,000,000 and Spanish flu killed 50,000,000 with masks, and quarantines. What’s your point?

        • Furthermore, your 15,000 number is WAY TOO LOW. The CDC estimates seasonal flu kills roughly 60,000 a year WITH A VACCINE. That is a super important piece of information that many seem to want to gloss over. Covid-19 has NO VACCINE. Furthermore, we haven’t had bad flu years lately. The “bad” flu years haven’t materialized the way the “experts” predicted. Unless you were in Taiwan or Singapore that is.

  2. Protests and rioting are ok but trying to have a meeting to discuss the agenda is wrong because it went against what Ainge wants. That’s bull crap. All data from around the world show children very rarely are affected by covid and are the least likely to spread the virus. Studies from some counties are saying children are the brake in the virus. In Germany out of 7,000 students and teacher 12 people were infected. And they believe those were from outside of the school setting. Look up the university of Dresden study on children and covid. Sweden is another study of children to look at.

    • Children can absolutely get the virus Kathleen. Even if they remain asymptomatic (that means they don’t show signs of the virus despite having it) they can still spread it to other people that will not be able to resist it as well as them. That means sending little Sally to school could get her infected with the virus and even though she looks and feels fine, she can give it to grandma while she is babysitting, and she gives it to grandpa who has diabetes and is considered highly at risk. Then grandpa dies because some dumbass said it was OK to open schools again. Don’t be a fucking idiot Kathleen.

      • Wow, such a wonderful display of kindness and understanding. You should probably educate yourself by doing a quick google search. Why don’t you try “german study finds low infection rate”, or “german study coronavirus block”, or how about “when did schools open in europe”. Look at the dates on the articles! So sad. This is easily accessible data. Why aren’t you all reading this?!?

        • Again, “Dan the man,” you shoot from the hip pulling whatever contrary statement straight out of your ass with, “it’s easy to find the data.”
          You paint the walls inside the bubble you live in with broad strokes of bullshit, which puts your myopic perception of the world in a place where your personal selfishness outweighs any concern for those around you.
          If you have a real accredited data to back whatever argument you’re trying (I really don’t see one outside of simple contradiction), to make? Please, show the rest of us how it is you’re arriving at your conclusion.

          • Hey Mark Johnson. I love your comments. Broad strokes of shit, inside my own personal bubble. I love it! Well, it’s really easy. I open up a web browser. I go to google. I spend an hour or two reading news articles. I determine which parts of the articles are opinion, and which ones are facts. I focus on flaws in logic. I search for opposing view points. I read those articles. Then I draw my conclusions. It’s pretty simple. I would love to post articles. But they get blocked when I post them. Let me give you a quick example. Last week Newsweek published an article. The headline was, “Scans Reveal Heart Damage in Over Half of COVID-19 Patients in Study”. This immediately caught my attention (which is what you want when selling news…am I right?). I would encourage you to read the article. Here is what stuck out to me. First, the control group was made up of 54% in the ICU with severe cases of Covid-19. This is a problem because ICU cases make up a small percentage of all infections. Yet, it comprised more than half of the subjects in the control group. Furthermore, the article stated that they didn’t have images (in the form of echocardiograms) of all the hearts (for all patients). Also, many of the patients had previous heart disease/damage from heart attacks before getting Covid-19. The kicker was that at the end of the article it says that heart damage is also not uncommon in severe cases of the flu. The point is, this article was stirring up fear among people, but the “data” they used to form their argument was deeply flawed. It isn’t hard. It isn’t crazy. It isn’t conspiracy. It is just simple, sound, objective reasoning. See, and I didn’t even have to insult you, swear at you, or devolve into meaningless personal attacks. We just have to be open to consuming data. Then have open discussions about why think it’s valid, or invalid.

  3. The dangerous idiocy of the anti mask crowd and their childish rationalizations and lies are why America is being hit harder than almost any where else. Florida’s new infections outnumber those of almost every western European country with much larger populations. Of course, Florida has been one of the hot spots from the beginning because of evangelicals and evangelical supported politicians who think a viral pandemic is a political or theological issue.
    You have a right to risk your dumb self but you do NOT have the right to spread your infections everywhere else. Believe it or not, you are not the only ones with rights, you just think you are. Blaming your stupidly dangerous ideas on God is the epitome of using His name in vain. You seem to feel very righteous about blaming God for killing and sickening people for what are obviously political reasons.

  4. It’s quite simple. Most of the medical world agrees that if everyone wears masks it significantly decreases transmission rates. There are no drawbacks to wearing a mask. So, if you wear a mask and aren’t sick, nothing happens. If you are sick and wear a mask, then you significantly reduce the probability you spread it. It’s really that simple. These absolute imbeciles that have politicized public health are selfish, narcissists who are mimicking the behavior of the liar in Chief.

    Please, for the love of god wear your masks and social distance if you ever want this country to get back to anything resembling normal.

    • That’s not completely true. What the experts agree on is that a properly fitted, and properly used, mask can decrease transmission. CNN (I used CNN because most people say pro-choice maskers are republican, there are plenty of other sources) has a wonderful article that discusses the problems with masks. It was published July 7th and is entitled, “Masks are effective only if you wear them properly. Here’s the right (and wrong) way”. Also, you are being extremely irresponsible in saying that someone who is sick can reduce transmission by wearing a mask. IF YOU ARE SICK DON’T LEAVE YOUR HOUSE. YOU STILL SPREAD COVID-19 EVEN IF YOU’RE WEARING A MASK. I don’t understand why you pro-maskers are so foolish as to push that narrative. Please stop saying that.

    • Again, they agree that a mask is effective, WHEN PROPERLY USED. Let me ask you. Do you touch your mask after you put it on? Because it’s no longer effective after you touch it. I went to lunch with some friends recently. Two of them came in with masks on. I LITERALLY watched them touch the door handle (which is full of germs) and then in a 3 to 4 minute timeframe, adjust their masks by touching them at least 3 or 4 times. They did it twice in less than a minute. THAT ISN’T SAFE PEOPLE!! Surgeons change their mask if they touch them, or even sneeze. I get it. You are scared. But can we all be reasonable about the information! Stop trying to make anyone who disagrees with you, or brings up concerns and issues, some kind of monster.

      As for your assertion that it’s idiots driving the spread. I disagree. I think that’s oversimplification of the issue, the media, and our politicians. It’s idiotic that our leaders can sit on National TV and say protestors, who weren’t wearing masks, didn’t spread the disease. But then a few weeks later people going to the beach are spreading it. That was a STUPID move. Think about it for JUST ONE MINUTE. They told everyone that protesting, in close proximity, without a mask, was safe. The justification was because people were outside. Stupid. It was stupid to say that. But that’s where we are. Everyone went to the beaches and guess what. Turns out the sun doesn’t stop it from spreading. Or the heat, or any of the other things they told us. But what’s new? Seems like almost everything they have told us turned out to be untrue. Please just relax and stop pushing your militant views on everyone.

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