Porter’s Place property on Planning Commission agenda

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Parker Brown requests approval for four-story building on Main Street

The Lehi City Planning Commission will consider the Parker Brown concept plan for the Porter’s Place property at 24 West Main Street, Thursday, November 8, at 7 p.m. at City Hall, 153 North 100 East. Time will be set aside for public input after the commission hears from city staff and the applicant, Parker Brown Real Estate.

Parker Brown’s original concept plan included a three-story building, with underground parking as well as parking stalls outside. Parker Brown’s new concept plan for the Porter’s Place property is a four-story building with 26 regular and two handicap parking stalls outside and ten covered parking stalls. The Planning Commission will also be considering Parker Brown’s request to amend the Development Code to change the maximum height of buildings in the Historic Commerce Zone from three-story to four-story. If approved, the Parker Brown building will be the tallest in downtown Lehi.

Parker Brown’s requests for the Porter’s Place Property will be the last items to be considered at the November 8 Planning Commission meeting.


  1. Ugly modern… does not fit the character of the town or area. Keep that section historical. Just not good in many ways. I hope NOT!!!

  2. My main concern is they want to go higher than their original proposal which would create more need for parking, yet eliminate the underground parking? Makes no sense at all when downtown already has a parking issue.

    • It takes money big money to solve these problems. Need big investor or player to solve the Main St issues. I don’t think a building needs to be SO big and out of character to be profitable as they are bandying around. If City does homework and it must be it must be. Save historic look and feel is a Must I think. Lehi has Thanksgiving point madhouse and Meadows plastic boxes… save the small stretch of Historic Main St. But How with no money?

  3. Some thoughts on possible development on the Porter Place corner. Planning commision meeting last night. Just my account and needs input from others that were there. 1) Most everyone thinks the proposed development is too large for the small historic section which has special historic zoning. The proposed development is 4 Stories high with 4th floor recessed to soften overbearing look. Developer and some council members thought is that it has to be that big to be profitable. It will spur new interest in the area. Noted that it breaks the zoning ordinance and will set precedence for future development. 2) EXTREME CONCERN from business owners and neighbors, as well as citizens… THAT PARKING, IS A VERY VERY SIGNIFICANT PROBLEM. The area needs a parking structure or critical assessment before not after development. Developers have very minimal ideas other than employees and customers parking away from site etc. Meager parking available at best. A possible terrible outcome if not addressed properly killing business and city projects in the area. The city cannot afford or set timetable on parking structure which is critical. It seems parking is a real problem with people parking illegally already at near businesses. 3) Seems by all …that historic feel and look must be kept in that small stretch and working towards beautification and revitalization in everyone’s best interest. The historic zoning is there for a reason and citizens want it restored if structurally feasible or renovated to the Historic and cultural Lehi. 3) The physical look of the building is very much up for discussion. Cost, historic zoning, personal taste, and today’s needs will all factor at future meetings. As we might guess many of the older citizens want to preserve as much as possible in this small area and do it correctly. Some of the new thought with a business sense want to move on and make the area look more appealing so we must renovate in a way to help draw small businesses and let them be profitable or it will stay as is …not good. The meeting ran until 11pm so adjourned with thought and input from citizens at the NEXT MEETING. The area badly needs improvement and was designed for horses not cars haha. It can be done correctly and is being done all over America. It MUST be done right for the next 100 yrs and needs focus not just a side note to all the new development. Council wants and needs input in all future meetings… attend or email your thought please if you have the knowledge and not just emotion to move this forward. Sorry, not a reporter… ha ha just info that would interest me and I hope you. Whew!

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