Porter's Place will relocate to Main Street in Eureka, Utah

Like Porter Rockwell himself, Porter’s Place will leave Lehi for Juab County. The iconic restaurant will relocate to Main Street in Eureka. The street has been designated a National Historic District and Porter’s Place will be housed there in two historic buildings. Bob Trepanier has indicated he hopes to re-open the restaurant by March 1, 2018, with very much the same menu his Lehi restaurant had.

Main Street in Eureka is also the location of Porter Rockwell’s actual log cabin, which was moved there from his ranch at Cherry Creek, Utah. Eureka is a historic mining town.  A historic rail line exists in town and Trepanier owns an old steam engine which he hopes to locate in the area to create a tourist destination.

According to owner Bob Trepanier, “We look forward to opening in Eureka. If I could change the way things ended in Lehi, I would, but Porter’s Place is Eureka presents new opportunities and challenges.” Trepanier said the leadership of the city of Eureka has been very accommodating. “The Mayor or Eureka has all but rolled out the red carpet for us, and it will be nice to be in a city that appreciates its historical character,” said Trepanier.

Nick Castleton, the Mayor of Eureka said, “We’re excited about this and we think it will work out well. We look forward to welcoming Porter’s Place to Eureka.”

The restaurant closed just before Christmas when serious plumbing problems were detected. Lehi City, the owner of the building, investigated the problems and the decision was made to not repair the problems and to terminate Trepanier’s lease on the building. The City has offered to meet with Trepanier since delivering the termination letter, but he has declined the invitation.


  1. Lehi is becoming a place for yuppies and their millennia kids anyway. I’ll go to Eureka for the Grand Opening. Will be scary for PP, to see such a change in traffic, I bet.

  2. So cool. After Angie’s place didn’t take I was really Sad. My wife and I talked about doing a restaurant up there but we were worried about the cost of Propane and how you would make the most out of it to keep the costs down. I love hanging out up there. Plus a fun little run for bikers as well.

  3. Porter’s Place in Lehi didn’t have good food OR good service on the occasions we went there. If it did better at those aspects of the business I’m sure it would still be in Lehi.

    • Amen!! Horrible dry salmon for $30!!! Frozen steamed veggies soggy. Fatty nasty over cooked steaks and mediocre at best burgers. Ironport was the only good thing there. Service used to be good 10 years ago. Now they suck bad!! Plumbing issues… I say bs.

  4. Health code hazard! be careful of this place it has no respect for your health the kitchen is horrible and a serious concern that he has a food handlers permit! Ask to see the video and pics i have behind the scenes!

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