Falcon #27 Eli Pulu makes a tackle against #30 Stetson Thacker of the Riverton Silverwolves. | Photo by Wendi Klein

The Skyridge Falcons opened their season with an exclamation point this year with a great performance against the Riverton Silverwolves. The Falcons opened at home in front of an impressive turnout of Skyridge fans, who did not leave disappointed.

The game seemed to be divided into two very different halves. The poorly played and penalty-filled first half and an action packed second half. In the first half, few stellar plays occurred outside of a pick six from Garrett Rusick (one of three interceptions he had during the game) and a few other drives, but nothing of major report. But the second half was action packed as the Falcons came out focused and showcased their ability to play.

Quarterback Jayden Clemons, only a Junior, led the Skyridge offense, with an impressive display of arm strength, and once he seemed to settle into his position, he threw accurately. Clemons threw three touchdowns in the second half of the game and found confidence throwing to Alex Palmer, Jairus Satiu, and Nathan Upham, who helped tack on touchdowns that led to the Skyridge win. Upham and Satiu even dug into the play books to dig out a trick play. Upham took a sweeping route with the ball, and then connected with Satiu for a touchdown. Skyridge had six straight scoring drives to help seal the win.

The Falcon’s had excellent defensive displays as well from Kani Taufa and Blayden Togiai, who forced the Silverwolves to punt, and gave the Falcons the momentum needed to keep pouring on the touchdowns.

Skyridge looked impressive on both sides of the ball. With multiple sacks, five interceptions, and a handful of tackles for losses, the defense played an outstanding game. Once Coach Larson got the offense on track, they looked equally impressive. With multiple scoring drives consecutively, and great receivers and tight ends who handled the passes made to them, Skyridge’s offense proved to be a force to be reckoned with in their tough region.

Skyridge looks to keep the scoring and defense alive as they take the field at Murray High School on August 25.