Pointe Meadows residents from left to right: Michelle Dancourt, Kati Koivisto, Lori Gilbert, HOA President Bill Hereth. Photo: Sally Fowler Francom

Several members of Lehi’s Pointe Meadow neighborhood presented petitions signed by 170 members of their development to the Lehi City Council on July 12. The petition requested that Lehi City move the proposed skate park to a different location. There are 110 homes in the Pointe Meadows neighborhood.

Four members of the community, including President of the Pointe Meadow Homeowners Association, Bill Hereth, addressed the City Council in the public comment portion of the meeting.  According to the most passionate member of the group, Kati Koivisto, “the city asks for our input, then doesn’t respect or really consider it.”

The petition includes the following language as reasons for rejecting the skate park:

Noise. Skateboarding is an inherently noisy process of grinding wood and metal against concrete. Quality of life for residents near the park will be majorly impacted.

Inadequate parking and safety. Peak usage will fill parking lot causing patrons to park on Pointe Meadow Drive causing safety concerns for residents/children.

Visibility. With 2100 North going under the railroad tracks, this is not a good spot for eyes being kept on the park.

Neighborhood makeup. Our neighborhood is mostly younger families and younger kids that will not use the park. We would rather have a park that caters to our neighborhood as originally intended.

Potential for vandalism and petty crime. As the city fails to maintain and upkeep the park (given the track record with our current park), our neighborhood could become an attractive environment for vandals and petty criminals from outside our area.

Public Involvement Process. The selection process shows the city is unwilling to work with residents. That is playing out right now as we are not gaining any traction with the city in our effort to be involved. (Source: Bill Hereth, Pointe Meadow Skate Park petition)

In an interview conducted with several members of the Pointe Meadows neighborhood, they stressed they were not against a skate park in Lehi, just not in their neighborhood. An open house hosted by Lehi City was held at the proposed park location on June 16 to share plans for the park, which carries a budget of $500,000. The total acreage of the proposed park area is about 2.5 useable acres.

According to Michelle Dancourt, who has two children under age five, “we’re not opposed to a skate park, we just think this is the wrong location—it’s too close to the tot lot and to homes, and the park area is too small.” Another homeowner in the area, Lori Gilbert noted, “With all the building going on in Lehi, why not require a developer to build a skate park in a new neighborhood, so that potential home purchasers know what will be in their subdivision.”  According to Bill Hereth, “the city is tired of talking about it and wants to barrel through the process to get it done. They really don’t want our input.”

In the City Council meeting on July 12, Councilor Paige Albrecht suggested a motion to include three members of the Pointe Meadow Board, including Hereth, and a few members of the skating community, in a citizens group to provide input in the building process. In a comment directed at Pointe Meadow residents, Councilor Albrecht said, “We know your trust has been broken, but we hope we have done all that we can to fix that.” The City Council did not re-vote to approve the skate park, as they already chose the Pointe Meadow location in a meeting in May.

One of the Pointe Meadow residents, Koivisto, stormed out of the City Council meeting stating, “The child who throws the biggest fit gets the attention. It’s not right.” Put simply, Pointe Meadow residents want the city to look at other locations for the skate park and they want a voice in city affairs within their neighborhood.

Councilor Condie noted that the Pointe Meadow property belongs to the city and that ultimately it is up to the city to decide what to do with the park and what is in the best interest of the city.


  1. WHAT A BUNCH OF SILVER SPOON CRY BABIES!!! That is a good bunch of stereotyping by the residents of this neighborhood, so I thought I would throw mine in mix. Where have you witnessed all of these behaviors? Are you afraid your children will turn into evil skaters and then OD on drugs?

    • This is actually a complex issue that you have no clue about.

      The city’s method of finding and approving the park was flawed and biased. It included insider information tipping off neighbors by the parks that scored higher on study.
      The other parks were decided that 300 feet was too close. The skate park will be with in 90 feet of homes in Pointe Meadows. Residents don’t want to hear the noise of it 12-14 hours a day especially when there are other parks that are larger and more conducive. Feel free to watch the city council videos. I am sure you would enjoy people grinding and slamming their skateboards on the street in front of your house for 12 hours a day.

      Crime does go up while it might be petty it still goes up and it spills into the local neighborhood. See real 911 data. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8w22Y8Q-Y2RaDlFOGhaRkU4aE0/view?usp=sharing Data obtained through a GRAMA request to Valley Emergency Communications Center (911)

  2. I drive through this neighborhood a lot and I’m don’t like the fact that there are always a lot of little (meaning 3-14ish yr olds) all over in the streets unsupervised. Maybe if their was a skate park near by they kids would play their instead of the streets…

  3. Someday all these small children will grow and having a skatepark will benefit this area, and provide something for teenagers to do. Bored teenagers do not always make the best choices.

  4. What a joke. These people have no idea what they’re talking about. Move the skatepark? There is no “moving” the skatepark. That would cost hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars to demolish the park, find a new location and build the new park along with building a new park. Either stop whining or move.

    • There is no skate park there, they do not want the basketball court and tennis courts taken out. They are only asking they propose a new location to build the skate park. The area is also part of an HOA and 170 members of the HOA signed a petition to not have it there.

  5. Kids come to skateparks to skate, not commit crime. Those who come from outside of town are there to skate, not commit crime. I have been skateboarding since I was 8 years old and I have spent a considerable amount of time at skateparks and the kids that I met there are the same kids I would have met hanging out at a movie theatre, the legacy center or at school. I will be unable to make it to the city council meeting on Tuesday but I will be writing a letter to Mayor Wilson thanking him for opening up this opportunity for kids to have a place to go to get exercise and make new friends.

  6. As a contributing member of society (and skateboarder) I can attest to the importance of having skateparks available. Growing up, there were not many parks around at all, and consequently we spent time skating in illegal spots and damaging private property. I’d like to see some of my $2,000 per year that I pay in property taxes go to this park which will serve as a controlled place to keep kids off the streets and give them a nice place to skate.

    Skateboarding is now an Olympic sport, so please cut us some slack. Skateboarding is no louder than bouncing basketballs.

  7. Why would you buy a house next to city property and then cry about it when the city decides to use it? Seems like ya should have thought your purchase out a little more.

  8. Are you really complaining about skateboards grinding against cement causing too much noise?! The whole neighborhood is right by train tracks and a busy street. Completely stupid to complain about something that’s already there. Second, you say it’s close to a busy street so more kids will get kidnapped… a busy street means more people to stop that stuff. All of your points are funny and make me laugh…

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